Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why 2012?

Some people, like myself, believe that in 2012 there will some kind of apocalyptic disaster, I think it will be from many natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc... It basically, as far as I'm concerned, all started because of the ancient Mayan calendar and how accurate it's been to this date and that it "resets" on Dec 21 or 23 2012. Their calendar was based off of the stars and the solstice and what not and started when the earth last "reset" which was 5,123 years ago and that it "resets" every 5,125 years, which happens to be 2012. That alone though wouldn't convince me of anything, but of course there is more. Along with the Mayan calendar, is the Galactic Alignment. Basically on the winter solstice of 2012 the Sun will be in perfect alignment with the "Great Rift", which is a bunch of overlapping molecular dust clouds about 300 light years away that is right in between the solar system and the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. It is believed that the Mayans knew of this and that also aided them in their calendar observations. There is much more to the Galactic Alignment but I won't go into a shit ton of detail. Now things are getting more interesting, so I begin to research what else is there to 2012. Along with the Galactic Alignment though, is that in the winter solstice of 2012 we will be entering a new Zodiac Era which is the Age of Aquarius. Another thing relating to the 2012 phenomenon is the Web Bot project. Not to much on it, but it basically gathers "web chatter" from across the globe to "predict" human-caused events, it predicted the Sep. 11 attacks. It's creator asserts that it has "predicted" when the world will end, which happens to be Dec 21 2012. There are other things that aren't so compelling, like the I Ching. It is one of the oldest Chinese texts, and is a book on divination. If some bullshit math is done with I Ching, some odd similarities in human history exist within the book. Basically, since it is comprised of 64 hexagrams, or six-line figures, multiply 64 x 6 and you get 384, which is almost the exact number of days in a 13 lunar month calendar. This is just the beginning, ethnobotanists and fractal time experts Terrence and Dennis McKenna kept going on their fractions and multiples. Take 384 and multiply back with 64 and you get 67 years, 104.25 days, which happens to be the 6 minor sunspot cycles that have occurred. Take 67 years, 104.25 days and multiply it again to 64 and you get 4306+ years, which happens to equate to 2 Zodiac Age changes. Finally take 4306 and multiply by 6 and you get 1 "precession" of the equinoxes, or the Galactic Alignment. Bullshit math, but weird coincidences, there is more, but these are the more compelling things that point to a disaster happening in 2012.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Knowledge - It's Power

If a situation arose in which a great disaster occurred and chaos and anarchy was rampant and humanity's population dwindled drastically, knowledge is what's going to keep you and the future alive! This is of course obvious to some but, it's not just the knowledge you posses but, what kind of knowledge and how to ensure that it gets passed down so that there may be a future for humanity. I am sure enough that something will happen in 2012 that me and a very close friend of mine are building permanent structures where we will retreat to in case of a disaster. A huge thing we discuss quite often is what we need to educate future generations and what knowledge we need ourselves. Text books, reading books, sci-fi/fiction books, books, books, books, but we can't take a library's worth of books so we will have to carefully decide which ones will be needed. Little bits of info that benefit you when you need it like, how to pick locks, make cartridge mines, bombs, drugs, hand to hand combat, navigation, knife/sword techniques, etc... are extremely important as well. As I continue my researching, I'll discuss the the little bits of info in more detail and review which books I think are good to have in permanent location.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weapons - My 700

The equipment that will be required to help sustain life in a post-apocalyptic setting must be researched and tested thoroughly. Over the course of the next year and on through to 2012 I will be doing extensive research and field testing of any and all equipment that I think would be not only vital but also a great asset to have in a camp/survival situation or in a post-apocalyptic situation. I'll start my equipment research with some weapons, namely rifles. It is beneficial to have both semi-auto and bolt action rifles in your arsenal, but for now my main focus will be on bolt action rifles. A bolt action rifle is an extremely accurate and reliable weapon. Easy to maintain and come in a wide variety of calibers and features. After looking at most of the big name companies, i.e. Savage, Winchester, Remington etc..., I settled on a Remington 700. Been used for years by the military and law enforcement, has a plethora of aftermarket accessories and can be relatively inexpensive depending on what model you decide on purchasing. This was the first of my many weapon purchases and I decided on getting a 700 SPS chambered in .30-.06, the .30-.06 has been a tried an true caliber since 1906 and is capable of achieving great distances when hand loaded, but we will go into calibers another time. Since it was chambered in .30-.06 this made the rifle a long action rifle, typically anything .308 or lower is a short action, thus making the aftermarket parts search a little different. Now that I had a rifle I needed some optics! Quality optics can be found at a very affordable price, one quality optic manufacture is SWFA. I have a SWFA 10x42 mounted on my 700 and it is gorgeous, crisp optics and mil-dot and virtually indestructible with a lifetime warranty for $300! Once you've decided on an optic, now it must be mounted. Again, since we all live in an economical crisis, I chose some economically friendly accessories. I have a TPS base and rings, all cost me about $160 and they are perfect, but I'll probably be upgrading to Badger Ord. base and rings for about $300. So now that the scope was mounted next thing that was need was a stock. The Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist A2, it's light and strong and cheap and looks amazing on the rifle! If I had more money in these broke ass times I would opt for something much better like either a J. Allen or AICS stock but there is no need for those! Once you've decided on a stock it's time for a bi-pod and I decided to get a Harris S-BRM 6"-9" bipod with podloc, many good reviews and great things about Harris on a lot of forums. After that I decided to change out the trigger guard with a "clip" conversion kit, namely the Kwik Klip and with it some 10 round magazines, and I must say for a product that only costs $85 ($38 per 10 round mag) it has worked flawlessly countless times at the range, I love it!. Lastly I installed a Karsten adjustable cheek pad on the buttstock, cost $60 and an Accu-shot monopod, cost about $85. So that's the rig so far, I'll updated it once I've gotten more goodies on it. I'll discuss my first semi-auto next time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Blog Ever...

First time writing about something online... mainly I would like to discuss the future of the world here and what may be needed to help ensure our longevity. The most pressing point I want to talk about is 2012. Yes I believe something will happen in 2012, not necessarily on Dec. 21, and am preparing for it. I'm not entirely crazy about this though, I don't believe it will happen so much as to start max my credit cards and signing for no payments till 2012 type shit, but I will be taking a nice 3 month "survival" expedition in Alaska next year to help me "re-connect" with nature and to learn some good basic survival techniques. I will be discussing weapons, survival, bitches (yes, in order to have survival in the post-apocalyptic world you've got to fuck), gear, my preparation for Alaska and the apocalypse and any theories on the apocalypse itself.... hope for the best, plan for the worst. By the way the Book of Eli is a fucking sick ass post-apocalyptic movie.